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STEC is a member of INDEV group; STEC specializes in manufacturing various online thickness gauges: XTG cold/hot strip thickness gauge, XRF galvanized layer thickness gauge, CTG color film thickness gauge, pinhole surface defect detection The system consists of five sister companies, namely American INDEV, Germany INDEV, Australian AAS, Indian JASCH, and China STEC (YUNNAN) LTD. STEC & INDEV Group has successfully developed online thickness measurement for over 60 varieties. Instruments and quality inspection control systems. These systems are widely used in the steel industry, paper industry, plastics industry and artificial leather manufacturing in Asia, Africa and Europe.

STEC is a sales and technical service center in China, responsible for the development and after-sales service of the Chinese market, and has the ability to import and complete complete sets of systems. Has independent import and export operation rights, has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification and EU CE certification.

Metallurgical industry:

STEC hot-rolled strip thickness gauge, cold-rolled strip thickness gauge, coating thickness gauge, coating (color paint film) thickness gauge; strip surface pinhole defect detection system; imported products, domestic prices! ! ! With the world's leading sensor technology, the sampling speed is fast, the precision is high, and the measurement is stable and reliable; STEC Group is listed by the world's steel giant Arcelor Mittal as a quality supplier of thickness gauges, and a number of cold-rolled, galvanized, and color coated production lines at Mittal. Long-term stable operation.

Paper industry:

Paper QCS system and paper defect detection system; imported products, domestic prices! ! ! The world's leading X-ray quantitative sensor technology; No need to go through any environmental protection procedures, save money, save time, and save costs for companies; the world's leading microwave moisture sensor technology is practical on 40-gram ultra-low-quantitative and 1680-gram ultra-high-quantity paper machines. App and user reviews.

Plastics, leather, glass, nonwovens, fiberboard and other industries:

Various thickness sensors such as X-ray, beta-ray, and infrared rays; infrared sensors use a special dual-beam scanning film to measure the thickness of each layer in the composite film. For example, the thickness of the resin layer such as PP, PE, EVOH, EVA, PVDC, and PA in the composite film is very suitable for use on a multi-layer co-extruded composite film production line.
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